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Info on Ayurveda, Hotels, Resorts, Backwaters, Houseboats, Kovalam, Alleppey, Fort Cochin, Munnar and Other Destinations

Everything you need to know to plan your Kerala Holidays

This guide is written by someone who has been lucky to be living in this beautiful place for very long, ever since he was born.

You can find hundreds of websites about Kerala and its tourist attractions. I can foresee your question; "then, what is different with you?"

Here is my answer, "I will let you see both the sides of the coin."

I definitely agree to the adage a wise guy who was with the Department of Tourism of the state government devised, "Kerala: Gods Own Country". (Interestingly he is in charge of Indian Ministry of Tourism now and thus was born "Incredible India". Good work gets rewarded; well, most of the times)

That is why you find ton loads of useful information and tips about the popular attractions of here.

  • Backwaters and houseboats are probably the most popular tourism attraction here. Backwaters are present all along the coast of Kerala. Memories of a well chosen backwater cruise can last a life time.
  • Sunny beaches have always been renowned tourist destination of Kerala. Kerala has a long list of beaches with pristine water and golden sand. Kovalam, Varkala, Shankhumugham, Poovar, Papanasham, Thiruvambady, Cherai, Vallikkunnu, Valapattanam, Bepore, Bekal, Kappad .......... the list is long.
  • Most of the hill stations here are within or close to ever green tropical forests. Southern part of the state has hill stations like Ponmudi, Agasthyakoodam, Vazhikkadavu. While the central Kerala is blessed with the largest number of hill stations including very popular Munnar, Rajamala, Mattuppetti, Vagamon, Peerumedu, Ramakkalmedu Etc. North bosts hills like Wayanad, Neelimala, Vellarimala and Ranipuram.
  • Crazy of wild life? Wildlife sanctuaries here offer great opportunities to watch wild animals in their natural habitat. There are thirteen wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks. Well lets us explore the wild side of Kerala tourism together.
  • Kerala is very rich in history and culture. The Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, British -- they all have enjoyed the hospitality of ancient Kerala. The heritage sites of Kerala are getting a lot of attention from the tourist and government.
  • Kerala is the home of Ayurveda. Wellness ayurveda is the buzz word of the tourism industry now. I have taken ayurveda medicines and treatments myself. Want to be pampered; head for an ayurveda resort.
  • Hotels and resorts here are capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of local and foreign vacation travellers. You can have your choice: five, four, three stars or non-rated; business, budget or cheap; heritage, backwater or hill top. You can find them all here. Think of even the most remote location, we have some recommendation.
  • Detailed Maps available here help you plan your trip. The roads are not as fast as you may expect. You can find tips to make the best of your time while travelling.
  • If you are travelling from outside India you will find useful information about visa regulations and other formalities.Cheap flightsto Kerala and the best routs to take are also discussed.
  • Travelling within Kerala can be more fun with the alternative options available. After all you come to Kerala to know a little about the way of life in Kerala also. Best way is to take a bus, train or the three wheeled wonder - auto rickshaw. Things to watch out are listed here.

I let youshare your stories of Kerala tourism through this site. You may upload your photos also. This will be helpful for future travellers.

Apart from this I have included lots of useful pieces of information and tips that makes your trip to Kerala enjoyable and trouble free.

Unlike others, I must admit it's not all rosy around here.

A developing country has its own problems; some of them would affect you also. That is the other side of the coin.

I guarantee you the trip to Kerala would be a very fun for you. But you have to be careful about a few things.

Micro-organisms like the warm and humid climate of Kerala. So do worms cockroaches, flies, lizards, bugs, leeches, flees and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant and warm water. Did I say backwaters?

Have you heard of Malaria, Dengue Fever, Foot and Mouth Fever, Chickenpox, Conjunctivitis, Heart Attack, Diabetic Mellitus, Cerebral Thrombosis and Acute Broncho Tonsillitis?

Did I scare you?

You don't have to be scared. Kerala also believes in the wise Indian maxim, Atithi Devo Bhava (the guest is God). But you have to be careful about a few things.

I have dedicated many pages to make you aware of the potential dangers and inconveniences you may come across while you are in Kerala.

  • You can find pages here that will give you fast track course in the laws of the land. Let it be about customs duties, alcohol usage, sex, cigarettes, smoking or kissing in public.
  • Mosquito bites can have nasty results. Tips to mosquito-proof yourself can prove very useful. You can find answers to your question here about how to deal with other animals and creatures you may find. Kerala tourism is a serious business; mosquitoes cannot stop it.
  • Knowledge of local customs and ways of life will help you interact with people smoothly if you plan to do so. Knowledge of what is considered good manner and what is rude can get you out of some trouble.
  • Safety precautions you have to take while travelling, especially alone, are detailed. Are the roads safe for pedestrians? What side of the road should one walk along? I have got answers here.

I will soon be preparing a comprehensive Kerala Tourism Pocket book that I would be giving away for free. Please keep logging in regularly to check the availability.

Please Spread the Word; Let Your Friends Know Too

Many thanks for the interest in my website and Kerala, the God's Own Country.

If you have found this website about Kerala tourism helpful please let others know. If you run a blog or website, or any friend does, I would be grateful if you consider linking to this website. Use other social applications like Face book, MySpace and Twitter etc to spread the word. Every link can be helpful.

Use your social book marking engine to book mark this Kerala tourism site and let others know.

I hope you would use the information and tips given in here to have a memorable holiday in Kerala that makes you want for more.

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Table of Contents

Kerala Luxury Houseboats, Boat House in Kerala, Houseboat Catagories
Kerala Luxury Houseboats. Goverment classifies houseboats in to two catagories Standard and Luxury. What can you expect in each? What to be careful about while booking one?
Backwater Cruise India, Best Backwater Hotels, Resorts and Homestays
Backwater Cruise India. Choose an accommodatiion close to the backwaters to make your houseboat experience perfect. Hotels, resorts, homestays - there are many options to select from.
Backwater Retreat in Kerala, Backwater Cruise, Festivals and Hosueboats in Kerala
Backwater Retreat in Kerala, Backwater Cruise, Festivals and Fairs in Kerala Backwaters
India Backwaters Tour, Kerala Backwater Tours Kollam, Alleppey and Cochin
India Backwaters Tour, Best Houseboat Cruises in Kollam, Alleppey and Cochin
Eco Tourism Kerala. Gavi, Periyar, Thekkadi and other National Parks.
Eco Tourism Kerala, Eravikulam, Chinnar, Parambikkulam National Parks
Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala, National Parks, Periyar, Thekkady
Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala, Silent Valley, Eravikulam National Park and other wildlife santuaries of Kerala
Kerala Beaches
Kerala Beaches
Kerala Hotels, Resorts
kerala hotels; hotels in Kerala, kerala resorts
Kerala Resorts, Hotels
Kerala resorts; beach resorts, backwater resorts, hill resorts and ayurvedic resorts
Kerala Tour
Kerala tour; Kerala honeymoon tours, Kerala backwaters tour, Kerala beach tour, Kerala ayurveda tour, Kerala wildlife tours and Kerala culture tours
Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala tour packages; Kerala honeymoon packages, kerala ayurveda packages, Kovalam, Backwaters, Periyar, Munnar and Wayanad.
Kerala Holidays
Kerala holidays; holidays in Kerala, Kerala holiday packages, Kerala houseboat holiday, Kerala beach holiday
Kerala Travel
Kerala travel; experiences and destinatins
Kerala Honeymoon Packages
Kerala honeymoon packages; honeymoon packages in beach resorts, in backwater destinations and in hill stations.
Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda; ayurveda tour, ayurveda package, ayurvedic resorts, ayurvedic massage
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