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Travel Safety in Kerala, Drug Policies

Kerala is a hot spot for travellers from across the world. Kerala tour and travel has unmatched array of attractions like backwaters, houseboats, beaches, hill stations, ayurveda and wildlife. Over half a million foreign tourists come to Kerala every year.

Over the years, Kerala has acquired a unique status as a tourist destination. Even many rich and famous have enjoyed the hospitality of Kerala. Jonty Rodes, Sadie Frost, Shobna Gulati, Meg Matthews, Rosemary Ferguson, Jake Chapman and Konnie Huq are just a few celebrities who holidayed here.

Look at the few essentials when you're in to a Kerala tour and travel around.

Expenses, Kerala Tour and Travel

Kerala is no more a cheap destination as it was a few years ago. But if you're careful, a little currency can still go a long way.

What you spend depends on where you stay, how you get around, what you eat and what you buy.

In the height of the tourist season the rates in resorts are higher. You can find better bargains at the neighbouring palaces of the major tourist destinations.

Any one spending Rs 5000 - Rs 6000 per day can really pamper themselves in a smart hotel. There you'll have a pool, tiger prawns suppers and ayurveda massage every day.

To spend much more than that, you have to be staying in five-star or boutique hotels.

Personal Safety

Crime levels in Kerala are below those of Western countries. Violent crime against tourists are extremely rare.

Virtually none of the people who approach you on the street intends any harm. Many of them want to sell you something. Some want just want to have a chat.

As a tourist you are an obvious target for the tiny number of thieves. So it makes sense to take a few precautions.


Drugs are strictly illegal in Kerala.


Voltage is generally 220V/50Hz AC. Most sockets are triple round-pin, but accept European-size double round-pin plugs.

Gay and Lesbian Travellers

Homosexuality is not generally accepted in Kerala. Gay sex was only recently decriminalized.


All large cities and many tourist towns have palaces offering Wi-Fi internet access. These are usually cyber cafes. Now most of the hotels and resorts offer internet connectivity for guests.


India's unit of currency is the rupee. The rupee is abbreviated to Rs or INR. One rupee is divided into hundred paise.


You will find ATMs at main banks in all major towns. For the foreigners the card issuer may well add a foreign transaction fee. The Indian bank will also levy a small charge. Moreover the exchange rate used can be bad.

Money Changing

Changing money in regular banks can be a time consuming business. You'll have no such problems with private companies such as Thomas Cook or American Express.

Major cities and main tourist centres usually have several licensed currency exchange bureaus.

Business Hours

Shops are open full day starting from 8am or 9am. The time may vary a little from town to town.

Kerala tour and travel offices are open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm and on Saturday 9.30am to 1pm.

State tourist offices are open from Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm but sometimes operators much longer hours.


Since the cell phone revolution public phone booths become a rarity in Kerala. Now the foreign visitors bring their own phones and buy an Indian SIM card.

Coverage in Kerala is best with Vodafone, Airtel and Idea. Indian mobile numbers are ten-digit starting with a 9 or 8. If you are calling from outside the state where the mobile is based, you need to add zero in front of that.


During your Kerala tour and travel, you have to be careful of pointing your camera at anything that might be considered "strategic". I mean places like airports, anything related to defence and even bridges and railway stations.

Some people prefer not be photographed, so it is wise to ask them before you take a snapshot of them. On the other hand you'll get people, especially kids, volunteering to pose.

Local Time

Kerala, like the rest of India, is all in one time zone: GMT plus 5 hours 30 minutes. 

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