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Bangaram Island Resort

(CGH Earth Group
Casino Hotel
Willingdon Island
Tel: 0484 2668221)

At Bangaram Island Resort walking through knee-high water all afternoon under a blinking sun can be quite a workout, and the logical next step is a messages. Like most good resorts in the region, Bangaram has an Ayurvedic doctor on hand and a massage centre with separate facilities for men and women.

Bangaram island resort Bangaram island resort

The resort shop sells basic needs such as mosquito repellent, but there are absolutely no other shops on the island, so carry your own sunblock, conditioners, moisturisers and other requirements. Bring along a pair of rubber slippers or canvas shoes for walking in the water. The coral can cut bare feet, and you don't want to step on a poisonous stonefish. Carry a cap to protect yourself against the sun.

Visitors are able to use their mobile phones, but otherwise there is only a radio phone for emergencies. The resort offers many attractive off-season packages between May and September.

Agatti Island Beach Resort

Tel: 0484 2362232)

Agatti Island Beach Resort sprawls across south Agatti Island, within walking distance from the airport. Spacious cottages come with an attached bath and a porch facing the lagoon. If you are here on a full moon night you may be privy to the amazing sight of baby turtle hatchlings at midnight.

Agatti island resort Cottages in Agatti island beach resort

The resort offers many packages which include a free glass bottom boat ride, lagoon fishing, and visits to the uninhabited isles. They also have dive course for guests.

Meals comprise tuna, sambahr, avial and rice. Then, of course, there is the coconut. Drink the sweet water of munch on the kernel.

Kadmat Island

(The Lakshadweep Tourism
Tel: 0484 2668387)

Kadmat Island sprawls over several kilometres and includes AC and non- AC cottages with attached bath foyer and a porch. Meals are served in a small complex that also houses the administrative office, a gym, a conference room and bathing units for those who walk in straight from the sea.

Kadmat island Cottages in Kadmat island

As with other properties on the Lakshadweep Islands, food is limited to the resort of where buffet-style meals are dished out. Kerala cuisine is routinely served. The speciality, as elsewhere in Lakshadweep, is tuna fish, fried, curies and pickles. Breakfast is usually idli, puri and potato curry.

Kadmat is visited as part of Lakshadweep Tourism's Marine Wealth and Scuba Diving Packages.

Koomel Beach Resort, Kalpeni

Lakshadweep Tourism at present offers only day stay at Koomel Beach Resort, which has a bath and changing rooms. Local delicacies for lunch could include fried tuna, a veg dish of ladyfinger or carrot and yam with grated coconut. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the island. The only local drink available is plenty is the humble green coconut.

Lakshadweep Tourism organises shows of traditional Parichkkali and Kolkali dances here.

The Tourism Huts, Kavaratti

Tel: 0484 2668387)

The Tourism Huts are situated near the jetty. These are complete with tiny bath rooms and a tiny veranda. The service is lax and indifferent, and the rooms are not regularly swept. Most of the time, the property is used for official government dinners. Boats and kayaks are parked right in front.

Lakshadweep Tourism organises the Kolkkali and Parichkkali dance performances here. In Kolkkali, the dancers form pairs and dance in a circle with sticks. In Parchakkali, they use a wooden sword and shield. Watch out for the crescendo of agile movements towards the very end of the dance.

Kavartti is visited as part of Lakshadweep Tourism's Coral Reef and Taratashi packages.


Minicoy Resort, Minicoy

Tel: 0484 2668387)

The 20-bedded Minicoy Resort is situated at the southern end of the island near the lighthouse, is the smartest government-run resort on the Lakshadweep Islands. It one-room cottages are well appointed and include open-to-sky bathrooms with coral floors. The service is prompt and courteous. Food is served in a courtyard at the entrance of the resort. This is where Lakshadweep Tourism organises traditional Minicoy Bandiya and Lava dances.

Minicoy resort Minicoy resort

You can eat what you're served, but you must try Minicoy fare that can be arranged with advance notice. Like the delicious rayereha (red tuna curry), sannath (white coconut tuna curry made with potatoes and tender papaya), khirupuli (rice chappatis like Mappila pathiris), faratta (like the Malabar porotta) and Maliku vegetable achar.

Ask for kadalakka, sugar-coated savouries made of ground rice and pulses.

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